Monday, November 8, 2010

wade phillips fired

So, today's hottest trend was "wade phillips fired."

Now, not everyone knows who Wade Phillips is, but those who do have seen this coming for awhile now. Wade Phillips was the coach of the Dallas Cowboys football team. His interest was high today as news of his release rolled in about six hours ago. This comes following one loss too many, with the current Dallas record being 1-7.

Phillips' replacement will be Jason Garrett (coming in third on Google's top trends). Garret, who graduated from Princeton, was also a Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys during the 1990s. Most recently, he has been the offensive coordinator and assistant coach for the Cowboys. Now, he'll be taking his term on an interim basis. According to Jerry Jones, Garrett has eight games to prove himself to Dallas, if he wants to make this a long term position.

Honorable mention today was "wheel of fortune." Of course, I was nervous that a childhood favorite show of mine (which was and still is watched daily in my grandmother's house) was being shut down, or that hosts were being swapped. No, the news was all good, and quite bizarre. Take a look for yourself:

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