Wednesday, November 10, 2010

marine corps birthday

Well, title should be pretty self-explanatory today--it's the United States Marine Corps 235th Birthday!

The United States Marines were founded on the 10th of November, 1775. Their original incarnation was as the "Continental Marines." The Second Continental Congress brought about the formation of the Continental Marines, and thus the birth of what is now the USMC.

For those who know the Marine Corp Song (the Marines' hymn--which was written during the Civil War), you'll know the famous words of "to the shores of Tripoli." It was in this war that the shores of Tripoli were invaded, and the piece of history was immortalized in the Hymn.Some of the most famous military actions of the Marines date back to the First Barbary War, in the early 1800s. Another well known military action of the Marines is forever immortalized in the famous picture of the Invasion of Iwo Jima, which features five Marines and one Navy Corpsman.

Unlike any other branch of the United States Armed Forces, the Marines are administered by the Secretary of another branch--the Navy. While they have separate chief officers (the Chief of Naval Operations, the Commandant of the Marine Corps), both report to the Secretary of the Navy.

Another top trend (actually above marine corps birthday and usmc birthday) was that of bebe winans. BeBe Winans is a prominent gospel and R&B singer. His rise up the trend chart seems to stem from his appearance on the Howard Stern show last night while he was doing promotional work for his new station on Sirius Radio. It would appear that Stern was harassing Winans, trying to push him to go on a date with Robin Quivers, who is Stern's co-host.


  1. Great story man, and what a great holiday!! I was not even aware of this, glad you shared it!

  2. wow, i never knew of this :)
    thanks for letting me know.
    keep up the interesting posts!

  3. my father used to be in the airforce. it's pretty awesome buisness.

  4. hell yea 235 years of kicking foreign ass

  5. Good post! Looking forward to reading you next one