Tuesday, November 9, 2010

missile launch california

No doubt many of you have already heard about this mysterious missile launch off of the coast of California today. "missile launch california" and "mystery missile" topped the trends today, starting around five hours ago.

No one really seems to know where this missile came from--the Navy had no idea, nor did the Air Force... and the Pentagon was essentially clueless. Though there have been many suggestions, some as rash as suggesting that it was a Chinese submarine, two of them seem more likely than not. Firstly, that the U.S. Military was flexing its muscles while the President is overseas in India by firing off an ICBM--proving our ability to strike a target that could do him harm. Though, again, the military is denying this.

Another possibility is that it was simply a jet, but having watched other videos and seen other pictures of this, that's a huge con trail, so I couldn't really imagine a jet making something that big in the sky at dusk. Who knows, maybe I'm wrong.

What do you think it was?


  1. maybe it was just china testing stuff, nothing to worry about

  2. Maybe it was a training exercise that just so happened to be caught on tape?
    Regardless, this is a very interesting story.

  3. i heard that it was launched because of a hijacked sub from the mexican mafia.