Tuesday, November 9, 2010

seth rogen engaged

Was about to go to bed tonight when I checked in on the trends. Just a few hours ago "seth rogen engaged" shot up past "wade phillips fired." Now, I'm not too big into pop culture, and I struggle to put even some of the most famous names of celebrities with faces--but as a college guy, thoughts of beer-bellied, curly haired, bearded men come to mind when you mention "Seth Rogen."

Rogen mentioned his recent engagement last night on "Conan"-- Conan O'Brien's new evening show on TBS. I'm a huge Conan fan, so it's good to see him back, beard and all. Rogen, known for his roles in films like "The 40 Year Old Virgin," "Superbad," and "Knocked Up" (I still haven't seen Pineapple Express), is engaged to Lauren Miller. Miller is also in the acting industry, and played a role in "Superbad" as well.

An interesting honorable mention was "puerile." I'll be honest, I had no idea what this word even meant. Merriam-Webster is glad to inform us that it is:

1. juvenile
2. childish, silly

I can't really discern why this is such a popular search. It's connected to everything, since it's such a simple words--comments about "Jackass 3D," the crudeness of recent political ads, and articles like this have driven it to the top of the lists.


  1. Awwwhh I didnt watch Conan, totally wouldve if i knew Seth Rogan was gunna be on

  2. oh btw did you guys watch jackass yet?

  3. "puerile" not even sure how that is pronounced lol and I dont really like jackass :P

  4. Might catch a youtube vid of the highlights. Thanks for the heads up!